Review and Approval Process

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Legislative Framework

Management of Information Act, 2005

  • Compliance requirements are outlined in Section 6
  • Memorial University is a “public body” under this Act
6. (1) A permanent head of a public body shall develop, implement and maintain a record management system for the creation, classification, retention, storage, maintenance, retrieval, preservation, protection, disposal and transfer of government records.
(2) A system required under subsection (1) shall provide for retention periods and disposition by
(a) destruction, or
(b) transfer to the archives,
in accordance with the guidelines and schedules established by the Government Records Committee established under section 5.1.
(3) A permanent head of a public body shall ensure that the retention, disposal and removal of government records is carried out in accordance with this Act.

Rooms Act, 2005

The Rooms Provincial Archives is responsible for the long-term preservation of records with archival value as per the Rooms Act and for making these records available for research.
Retention and Disposal Schedules

•Under the Management of Information Act, a record “…shall not be destroyed or removed from the ownership or control of the Crown unless the destruction or removal is authorized under this Act.”

•Public bodies, as defined in the Act, should develop Retention and Disposal Schedules (RDS) for groups of records under their authority, so that they may legally dispose of those records. In order to legally implement a RDS, it must be authorized by the Government Records Committee (GRC).

Review and Approval Process

The retention period – the amount of time Official University Records need to be kept as prescribed in MUNCLASS RDS – is based on federal and provincial statutes and regulations, University policy, information management best practice, and anticipated operational use.

The retention periods have been reviewed and developed by Information Management and Protection, the Responsible Unit(s) (where applicable), the University Archivist, the Office of the General Counsel, the Information Access and Privacy Office and the Office of the CIO. The retention periods for approved RDS have been authorized by the Vice-President (Administration & Finance), as designated by the University President, and the Government Records Committee.

This authorization allows for records to be disposed of according to the instructions outlined in MUNCLASS once the retention period has expired. The following is a visual representation of the MUNCLASS RDS approval process.

RDS Internal Review

RDS Internal Approval

RDS Final Approval

Consultation and Approval Status

RDS Approval Status
  • IN Function - 4 Schedules
  • TL Function - 2 Schedules
Currently Under Internal Review
  • HR Function - 26 Schedules
  • ER Function - 13 Schedules
Planned Next
  • ST Function - 16 Schedules
  • TL Function - 2 Schedules
  • AD Function - 11 Schedules
  • GV Function - 17 Schedules
Consultation Summary