Human Resources

Records relating to the management of university faculty, staff and contractors.

Employee Relations
Collective Bargaining
Grievances and Arbitrations
Compensation Administration
Compensation for Academic Employees
Compensation for Non-Academic Employees
Job Evaluation & Position Control
Position Descriptions and Classification
Position Control
Leave and Payroll Management
Payroll Management
Work Schedules and Absences
Pension and Benefits
Pensioner Files
Pension Administration
Benefits Administration
Group Insurance Financial Records
Retirement Services
Long-Term Disability
Personnel Files
Acadmic Personnel Files - Retired
Academic Personnel Files - Terminated
Academic Tenure Files - Retired
Academic Tenure Files - Terminated
Staff Personnel Files - Retired
Staff Personnel Files - Terminated
SIEs and Agency Personnel Files
Student Personnel Files

Professional Development and Recognition
Employee Recognition
Professional Development and Training
Performance Evaluation and Skills Assessment
Recruitment and Hiring
Competition Files - Academic
Competition Files - Non-Academic
Competition Files - Senior Administrative Appointments
Unsolicited Applications
Organizational Workforce Analysis
Workforce Planning and Analysis
Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act
Employment Equity
Self-ID Census