Faculty Profiles

Photo of Professor Valerie Booth
Valerie Booth ( web)

Dr. Booth is a Professor with appointments in both the Department of Physics as well as the Department of Biochemistry. Her area of expertise is the study of protein and membranes using solution and solid state NMR.

Lindsay Cahill (Scholar)

Dr. Cahill is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her Ph.D. is in the field of solid state NMR. Her current research uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to study fetal development.

Professor Erika Merschrod, biomaterials
Erika Merschrod (web)

Dr. Merschrod is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her research relates to the study of biomaterials using AFM and other characterization techniques.

Photo of Mike Morrow
Mike Morrow ( web)

Dr. Morrow is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography. His research relates to solid state NMR.

Jaeok Park (web)

I study allosteric enzyme regulation, its significance in biological pathways, and its utility in drug discovery. I am particularly interested in the enzymes of isoprenoid synthesis and sugar phosphorylation. My scientific methods mainly involve enzyme kinetics and X-ray crystallography.

Computational Biophysics Professor Stefan Wallin
Stefan Wallin (web)

The focus of my research is to discover and explore the principles that govern the folding and interaction of proteins. These physical processes are what allow proteins to carry out a wide range of tasks in cells, such as catalyzing biochemical reactions. A major part of my research is to develop models and method for protein simulation by using the tools of statistical mechanics and computational physics. I am also interested in the biophysical basis for protein evolution and how ‘misfolding’ and aggregation of proteins can lead to disease.