Biophysics Student Profiles

Nury Paula Santiesteban
Nury Paula Santisteban

Nury has a B.Sc. in Physics from the Universidad Nacional de Columbia. She went on to to an M.Sc. in Physics at Universidad de Los Andes with supervisor Chad Leidy on "Mechanical Properties of Membranes as resistance Factor to Antimicrobial Peptides." Nury joined Memorial in May 2014 where she is a Physics PhD candidate. She works with Valerie Booth and Michael Morrow on performing solid state NMR with antimicrobial peptides interacting with intact bacteria.

Tadiwos Getachew
Tadiwos Getachew

Before joining our group, Tadiwos completed his BSc in Chemistry at Debub University in Ethiopia, followed by an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Eastern Finland. He became a PhD candidate in the Biochemistry PhD program at Memorial in 2013. Tadiwos is working on dynamic light scattering, circular dichroism and NMR studies of surfactant protein B refolding.

Ernest Awoonor-Williams, PhD candidate in chemistry
Ernest Awoonor-Williams

Ernest completed his B.Sc. (Hons) in chemistry at Mount Allison University. He completed an Honours thesis with Professor Khashayar Ghandi. He is developing methods to predict the pKa of cysteine residues in proteins. Ernest holds an NSERC Vanier scholarship.