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    Bio4270 Course Outline for Winter 2022 (updated 2022 Jan 06)

    Required Text:
M Morange (TL Fagan & JM, translators) (2021). A History of Biology. Princeton.  [Available through Amazon and (or) online]
    Recommended Text:
WF Bynum, EJ Browne, R Porter (1981). Dictionary of the History of Science. Princeton.
Resource List (updated 2022 Jan 03)
       Names in History of Biology (.zip file) (updated 2022 Jan 03)
      Project Presentation suggestions & instructions (updated 2022 Jan 03)

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Lectures:         TuTh     0900 - 1015    (Online in 2022)
Labs:                Mon     1400 - 1700     (Online in 2022)
Office Hours:  TuTh     1015 - 1200    CSF-4342   (Online in 2022)

Course lecture notes:
    These notes are revised before & after lectures; check frequently for revisions.

Lecture Topic
Week of 2022
Lab Topic
Lab 2022


Natural History in the Ancient World
Jan 10
"Galileo" (1974) [Youtube] [notes]
Jan 10

Evolutionary Biology: Darwin's Century
Jan 17
"The Voyage of Charles Darwin" (1978) Parts 1 & 2 (notes)
Jan 17

Evolution & Genetics: Mendel's Century
Jan 24
"The Voyage of Charles Darwin" (1978) Parts 3 & 4 (notes) Jan 24
History of Classical Genetics
Jan 31
"The Voyage of Charles Darwin" (1978) Parts 5, 6 & 7 (notes) Jan 31

History of DNA & Molecular Biology Feb 07
"DNA: Secret of Photo 51" (notes)
Feb 07

History of Developmental Biology: Ex Omnia Ovum Feb 14
"Great Scientists Speak Again:" Gregor Mendel (notes) & Hans Spemann (notes)
Feb 14

Winter Break
Feb 21-25

Midterm Exam
Th, Mar 03
Midterm exam questions, 2022 March 03

History of Cell Biology: Omnis cellula e cellula
Mar 07
"The Story of Louis Pasteur" (1936) (notes) [alternative history] Louis Pasteur Mar 07

History of Microbiology: Theories of Disease
Mar 14
"Paul Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (1940) (notes) Mar 14

History of Sex Determination
Mar 21
"Great Scientists Speak Again": William Harvey [notes], William Beaumont [notes]
Mar 21

Genetics in Soviet Russia: the Lysenko Affair Mar 28
See review by Borinskaya et al. (2019)
Mar 28

Project Presentations (Example) Apr 04
"The Andromeda Strain" (1971) (notes) Apr 04

Final Exam
Sample Questions, 03 April

Final Exam: Wed, 2022 April 13,
0900 - 1100

Alternative Lectures:

Genetics in Soviet Russia: the Lysenko Affair

"The Lysenko Affair" (BBC)

Philosophy of Science: Popper, Kuhn, et al.

Extraordinary Scientific Delusions ....

"GATTACA" (1997)

History of Paleontology: Bones & Dynamite

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