Biol4270 - Resource List


   Garland Allen (1978). Life Science in the Twentieth Century. Cambridge.
 *Jacob Bronowski (1973). The Ascent of Man. Folio Society.

   Janet Browne (1995). Charles Darwin: Voyaging. Knopf.
                          (2002). Charles Darwin: The Power of Place. Knopf.
                        *(2004). Origin of Species: Penguin Books Great Ideas edition. [Four-chapter introduction for non-specialist]

    EA Carlson (2018). How Scientific Progress Occurs
    William Coleman (1977) Biology in the Nineteenth Century. Cambridge.

    Charles Darwin (1859). Origin of Species. Harvard. [1959 facsimile of 1st edition].

    Daniel C. Dennett (1995). Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Beacon.                                              
  *Loren Eiseley (1959). Darwin's Century. Doubleday.
                    (1960). Firmament of Time. Doubleday.
                            [See also new two-volume edition in Library of America series]

    Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack (2017). A History of Science in Society, 3rd ed. U Toronto.
                                                           Vol. 1. From the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution.
                                                           Vol. 2. From the Scientific Revolution to the Present.

    Stephen Jay Gould (2002). The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Harvard.

    John Gribbin (2002). History of Western Science, 1543 - 2001. Penguin. [ Folio reprint 2012].

    Thomas L. Hankins (1985). Science and the Enlightenment. Cambridge.

    Richard Hofstader (1955). Social Darwinism in American Thought, 1860 -1915 (rev. ed.). Beacon.

    William Irvine (1955). Apes, Angels, and Victorians: Darwin, Huxley, & Evolution. McGraw-Hill.

    Horace Judson (1996). The Eight Day of Creation. Cold Spring Harbor [25th anniversary ed]

    GER Lloyd (1970). Early Greek Science: Thales to Aristotle. WW Norton.
                       (1973). Greek Science after Aristotle. WW Norton.
                       [Single-volume reprint by Folio Society, 2002]

    Ernst Mayr (1994). One Long Argument [see especially Chapter 4: Darwin's Path]. Harvard University Press.

   Alfred Sturtevant (1965). A History of Genetics. Harper & Row. [Cold Spring Harbor reprint, 1991]

   *G. Rattray Taylor (1963). The Science of Life: an Illustrated History. Thames.

Web resources

    John van Wyhe (ed.) (2002), The writings of Charles Darwin on the web
                                                  [A virtual bookshelf of the complete works of Darwin]

    RM Eakin. Great Scientists Speak Again. [Link to Eakin's lectures as Harvey, Darwin, Mendel, Pasteur, Beaumont, & Spemann]

    Charles Darwin (1875) Autobiography of Charles Darwin [Brief biography of Darwin by John van Wyhe]

    Thesaurus Linguae Graecae: Complete works from Ancient Greece

    Isis: A Journal of the History of Science Society [available on MUN server]

    Wikipedia Timeline of Women in Science

Web books
[free, or almost]

    Complete Works of Aristotle [see esp Generation of Animals]
    Complete Works of Charles Darwin [see esp Origin of Species (1st ed), Descent of Man, Life & Letters]
    Complete Works of Plato [The classic translation is Benjamin Jowett: see esp. Chap 7 of The Republic for the Image of the Cave]
    Thomas Huxley Life & Letters of Thomas Huxley [see also Evolution of Man]
    Charles Lyell (1830) Principles of Geology. [Web has 1875 edition; Penguin reprints 1st edition of 1830]
    Gregor Mendel (1867) Experiments in Plant Hybridization. [see William Bateson translation and commentary, 1913]
    William Paley (1802) Natural Theology.

Philosophy of Biology & Science

  *Thomas Kuhn (1963). Structure of Scientific Revolutions. U Chicago. [50th anniversary edition, 2013]
    Paul Feyerabend (1975). Against Method. Cambridge.

    David Hull (1974). Philosophy of Biology. Prentice-Hall.
    Imre Lakatos (1970). Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge.
    Karl Popper (1959). The Logic of Scientific Discovery. Cambridge.
(1963). Conjecture and Refutation. Cambridge.
    Bertrand Russell (1961). A History of Western Philosophy. 2nd edition. Folio.

    Stephen Toulmin (1953). The Philosophy of Science.

    RS Westfall (1977). The Construction of Modern Science. Cambridge.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1921). Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

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