Stella's Circle


Eight* Week Interdisciplinary Social Enterprise Work Placement
Fall 2017
(Eight hours per week)

The Organization
Stella’s Circle is a leading community organization that works with over 1000 participants each year, providing employment services, residential and non-residential counseling and supportive housing. Our organization has over 125 dedicated staff operating within an $8 million budget.

Stella’s Circle operates Clean Start, a commercial cleaning social enterprise which is equipped to meet a variety of commercial cleaning needs of its customers. In offering a professional cleaning service, participant staff of Stella’s Circle’s employment programming are assisted in developing a variety of employability and technical cleaning skills to assist them in finding work in a variety of settings.

Clean Start helps individuals gain the skills required to obtain meaningful employment in the office cleaning and maintenance business. Trainees work alongside professional cleaners with more than 35 years combined experience.

Each quarter nearly 50 people are part of the work schedule and assigned to a variety of cleaning contracts. Some of these assignments are under the supervision of a Team Lead and are group based, while others involve greater independence as people develop skills and increase their capacity for independent work.

Stella’s Circle is seeking two self-motivated students to work as part of this initiative of Memorial University’s Centre for Social Enterprise. The positions are paid work placements whereby a business student, and social work student engage with a community partner in an interdisciplinary project. This collaborative approach aims to develop the students as future community leaders, while delivering additional capacity to the community partner’s social enterprise.

In this example students will work with Clean Start to support the activities of the social enterprise. Specifically the business student would be tasked with working with Clean Start management and administration to identify scheduling and payroll strategies and efficiencies that will enhance the operations for Clean Start and its trainees. The social work student will work with employment counselling and support staff to deliver and enhance employment suppers and look at other groups and services that could be offered while individuals are employed with Clean Start.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Working closely with the Business Development Manager the student would participate in weekly staff meetings familiarizing themselves with cleaning contracts and their staffing requirements.
  • Gain further understanding on time cards, practices for scheduling, finding replacement staff and disbursing weekly schedules to trainees.
  • Participate in payroll observing current practices and making suggestions where possible for reporting, collecting and organizing bi-weekly hours e.g. Excel editing/improvements.
  • In conjunction with social work student, deliver newly developed employee satisfaction survey created by spring 2017 group of Masters in Employee Relations students from Memorial.
  • Complete interviews with customers to explore satisfaction with cleaning service delivered by Clean Start
  • Work closely with the Social Work student to ensure all aspects of the initiative meet financial and social priorities and needs.
  • Other duties as required.
  • Must be willing to sign the Oath of Confidentiality and Code of Ethics and understand the privacy and confidentiality requirements of working in the organization.

Social Work

  • Work with staff, participants and volunteers to create welcoming environment at employment suppers.
  • In conjunction with business student, deliver newly developed employee satisfaction survey created by spring 2017 group of Masters in Employee Relations students from Memorial.
  • Meet with individual Clean Start employees to explore employment readiness and goals related to Clean Start participation.
  • In conjunction with Employment Services staff and Clean Start trainees make recommendations and/or develop/pilot supports to enhance Clean Start experience.
  • Attendance at interdisciplinary meetings as necessary leading up to the event.
  • Other duties as required

For more information contact:

Rob McLennan
Director of Employment Services, Stella’s Circle
114 Cabot Street
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Nicole Helwig
Manager Centre for Social Enterprise
Manager Centre for Social Enterprise
Faculty of Business Administration building, BN-4016


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