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Payroll procedures

Professor and students

(May 2003)

  1. All award or employment payments to graduate students must be made through the School of Graduate Studies, by the Academic unit on the Graduate Student Support Payroll Form (see deadline date, calculation, and FOAPAL information on reverse of form.All sections of the form should be completed in order to avoid delays in processing as this data is crucial to ensure proper payments to students (i.e., payment code, start/stop date, per annum rate and expenditure rate, etc.). Please take care in your calculations as errors will be the responsibility of the originating academic unit. An Application for Direct Deposit of Payroll must be submitted for all students.
  2. Account numbers must be assigned for payment of funding according to: type of award, degree programme, citizenship, and originating source of funds. For academic units that use SGS baseline funds for graduate assistantship duties, please use the appropriate Account number to differentiate baseline as opposed to non-baseline sources of employment.
  3. Graduate Assistantships ($20.33 until August 31, 2012 and $21.15 from September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2013) should be paid in units with hours scheduled in advance as this is considered employment income (see Guidelines for the Awarding of Financial Support to Graduate Students). The payroll request should be for the entire period of employment paid bi-weekly and not as a lump sum at the end of the employment period. It is the hiring academic unit's responsibility to ensure that all hours are worked. In no case should a student work for an extended period of time without receiving payment as this is in violation of the Employment Standards of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  4. In the case of international students, a study permit must accompany requests for payment of graduate assistantships and must be valid for the full period of employment. The Department of Human Resources cannot pay students whose permits have expired. If a student's status changes to Permanent Resident, please forward a copy of the Record of Landing so that our records can be updated. Also, the student must re-apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number.
  5. Payments for employment can only be made to holders of a valid Social Insurance Number. Please advise your new students to apply for one immediately upon arrival.
  6. Payment of research-related expenses incurred by students should not be reimbursed through payroll as the students will be required to pay income tax. Such expenses should be handled the same as for faculty through Financial and Administrative Services.