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The Undergraduate Student Societies

Mixers, cool clothes, sports, games nights, fundraising events, lunches and dinners, movie nights, pub crawls ... and even some educational activities!! Join the student society in your department today.

Here is the current 2013-2014 society information:

Department President Facebook Page Society Room, Email
Biochemistry Matthew Quann MUN Biochemistry Society 2013-2014 S-4001,
Biology Michelle Valliant MUN Biology Society (BIOS) S-1102, phone 864-4338,
Chemistry Jennifer Smith MUNCS C-1012,
Computer Science Tim Oram MUN Computer Science Society ER-4068,
Earth Sciences Marina Schofield Alexander Murray Club ER-4068
Math & Stats Matthew Sullivan MUN Math and Stats Society HH-3025,
Physics Matthew Hunt MUN Physics & Physical Oceanography - PAPOS C-3063,
Psychology Shannon Waye MUN Psychology Society S-2048,


Science Society Representatives

The Faculty of Science has a newly established undergraduate Science Society. Each month, student representatives from each of the departmental student societies meet with the Dean and Associate Dean of Science to discuss current issues and concerns in the Faculty of Science. This is a way for students to have their voices heard. You can participate by joining the facebook group: MUN Science Society. The current 2013-2014 members of the society are listed here.

Department Student representative on Science Society
Biochemistry Matthew Quann
Biology Kaela Walsh
Chemistry Teles Furlani
Computer Science Whymarrh Whitby
Earth Sciences Terri Tobin
Math & Stats Jason LeGrow (Treasurer)
Physics Ray Walsh
Psychology Chelsea Butler (President)
MUNSU Devin Grant, Ryan Murphy