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Entry Requirements


The assessment of an applicant's likelihood of success can be carried out in a variety of ways. Students will be expected to hold a B.Sc. or B. Eng. degree, or equivalent, with a strong computational orientation. At the time of application, the student is expected to provide evidence (for example, transcripts of completed courses) of his or her knowledge of a modern computer language such as Fortran, and/or C and/or C++, and/or Matlab, and/or Python. Evidence of knowledge of differential equations; and/or linear algebra and/or computer graphics would be an asset. Students with an inadequate background may be encouraged to take certain undergraduate courses. The successful completion of an Honours. B.Sc. or B. Eng. degree which included a number of computer science courses is typical of a successful applicant.

As a condition for acceptance a Memorial University Faculty Member affiliated with the Scientific Computing (formerly Computational Science) program must agree to supervise the student; applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty members.

Each student will receive funding from his or her supervisor, the School of Graduate Studies Fellowships (if eligible) and up to three Teaching Assistantships per year (56 hours each).

TOEFL and GRE codes
Memorial University's identification code for TOEFL and GRE tests is 0885. There is no specific code for the Scientific Computing Program; if something needs to be provided, use CMSC (which is Memorial's denotation for this program).

Admission decisions will be made by the School of Graduate Studies.