Policies for Researchers in the Faculty

Memorial University's Research Policies and Procedures is your primary information source for the university's policies and procedures on research activities, contracts and grants.


Trust Funds (Research Associated with)

Controlled Goods

Off Campus Use of Equipment

Privacy and related Researcher Agreement

Information Request

Administrative Leave – Designating a portion of salary as a research grant

Institutional Animal Care

Safety Standards

Conflict of Interest (procedures for disclosing and handling)

Travel – General (and for Research Purposes)


Procedure to Monitor Controlled Goods

Procedures for Contract Research Proposals

Procedures for General Research Pool Account

Procedure for Investigating Reports of Misconduct in Research

Procedure for Requesting Additional Space for New Activities (including for Research)

Procedure to Appeal a Research Ethics Board Decision

Procedure for Obtaining Informed Consent for Research on Humans

Procedure for Assigning Space for Retiring Faculty, Honorarary Research Professors, and Professor Emeritus

Procedure for Giving Researchers Access to Personal Information

Procedure for Establishing Institutes and Centres – Direct University Support

Procedure for Approval and Appeals for us of Animals

Procedure for Handling Conflicts of Interest

Procedure for Using Purchase Orders

Procedure for Managing an ATIPP Information Request


Faculty of Science – Research Policies and Procedures

Faculty of Science – Review and approval of research proposals (as noted above) - http://www.mun.ca/science/research

Federal Tri-Council – Relevant Granting Agency Research Policies:




Memorial – Integrity in Scholarly Research

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Responsible Conduct of Research

Eligible and Non-eligible Tri-Council research expenses

Intellectual Property arising from Research

Memorial’s IP Policy

Genesis Research – Commercialization


Tri-Council IP Policy