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Cellular Requests

  1. All requests for cellular telephones, cellular air packages, wireless handheld devices (or similar) or related equipment, must be routed through Computing and Communications. Requests for cellular equipment or services, whether purchased, leased or rented - including acquisitions funded from grants - must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Director, Principal or Department Head, to ensure that University guidelines are followed.
  2. Computing and Communications evaluates each request on an individual request basis to ensure that the acquired cellular device and services meet the subscriber's University business requirements at the lowest cost.
  3. Computing and Communications provide advice and recommendations regarding equipment, network, accessories and payment method.
  4. Computing and Communications issue the purchase orders, create accounts and arrange for payment of all charges.
  5. Requests for changes to existing cellular accounts are to be directed to Computing and Communications.

Cellular Payment

  1. All invoices must be directed to Computing and Communications.
  2. Billing costs are separated into equipment and long distance charges. Invoices are paid directly from the requesting department's budget by Computing and Communications.
  3. Copies of invoices are mailed to departments for reconciliation of costs. Cellular subscribers/users are responsible for reconciling all charges associated with cellular usage. Discrepancies and enquiries may be directed to Computing and Communications.

Personal Cellular Usage

Cellular devices are provided for University business only. Where, in special circumstances, a cellular device is used for purposes other than University business, and expenses are incurred as a result, payment of all such expenses, including all applicable taxes, must be made to the Cashier's Office.


Policies using this procedure: