General Information

Why are Phone Directory updates now being done via the web instead of paper forms?

In a word, speed. The paper-based updating process used to take weeks to organize, send, edit, and verify phone information. Moving this process to the web enables Memorial departments to update their phone information in a few minutes instead of a few weeks.

Will I still be able to get a print copy of the phone directory?

Yes. An updated printable version of the phone is produced daily. Once a department updates its phone information, those changes are reflected immediately on the web-based phone directory. At the end of every day, all of these changes get incorporated into a printable version.

How do I get a printed copy of the phone directory?

There are two ways of getting printed copies of the phone directory:

  • You can request a bound copy of the phone directory from Printing Services by talking to your department's administrative staff.
  • Starting in the fall of 2005, you will be able to download a printable copy of the phone directory as a .pdf file and then print it yourself.

However, we would suggest that you order a copy via Printing Services since the complete phone directory is approximately 100 printed pages and printing on your local printer is likely to be more expensive in terms of cost for ink or toner.

When can I get a printed copy of the phone directory?

Memorial departments are in the process of the updating their phone directory information. We are currently aiming for the first printed version of the phone directory using the new process to be released during the Fall 2005 Semester.

This timeframe is intended to allow departments to accommodate the logistical changes caused by the re-allocation of space in response to the completion of the Inco Centre and the initial deployment of VOIP telephones.

Why are phone directories no longer being printed and distributed for free?

The main purpose for Computing and Communications distributing the printed directory was to deliver phone information to Memorial users. In the past, paper was the primary means of getting this type of information to Memorial users. Advancements in technology now allow us to deliver the same information faster and with more search features via the web. We see the web as becoming the primary delivery medium for this type of information. The web allows us to deliver accurate information faster and with more options for searches and customizing information presentation.

However, we realize that paper still is important for a variety of reasons. There are situations where you will not be able to easily use a web browser to access phone information. That's why we will ensure that paper copies are available to Memorial users as required.

Will the new printed phone directories be the same as the old printed phone directories?

The information in the new printed phone directories will be very similar to the existing phone directory with a few exceptions:

  • Home phone numbers for faculty and staff will no longer be available via the printed directory until Memorial can develop an appropriate procedure to comply with federal and provincial privacy legislation pertaining to the storage and dissemination of personal information.
  • Departmental phone information will be indented in a slightly different way.
  • The new paper copies will be printed on white paper instead of colored paper. This is to reduce cost and make the phone directory easier to recycle.