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MUNPA Tribute Awards and Meritorious Service Awards

MUNPA Tribute Awards

Background: The MUNPA Tribute Awards renames and expands on MUNPA's former Meritorious Service Awards which were offered from 1999 to 2008. The first MUNPA Tribute Awards were presented in 2009.

Purpose and Criteria: The MUNPA Tribute Awards were established to recognize the importance of the ongoing contributions of Memorial's retirees to the University or the Community. The Award is offered annually and a maximum of three recipients may be honored each year. The Award recognizes significant post-retirement service and/or achievement by retired faculty or staff. The service may be volunteer or remunerated in any of the following categories:

Service to the University;  Service to the Community;  Significant achievements in other areas that exemplify the ongoing contribution of the nominee.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the award, an individual must meet the following requirements:

1) A nominee must have been employed by Memorial University as a faculty or staff member for a minimum of five years and must now be officially retired.

2) The nominators must include at least two members of MUNPA. Other supporters are also welcomed.

3) The official nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Committee Chair in person or online by the deadline date.

Criteria for Selection: Candidates for the award shall be selected by a committee appointed by the MUNPA Board of Directors. The committee shall meet within two weeks of the deadline date for submission of nominations to review the nominations received and to make recommendations to the Board regarding award recipient(s).

The nomination of the candidate must provide specific descriptive evidence of post-retirement service. The evidence will be assessed for its breadth (number and kind of organizations or groups, positions held, types of activities in which the candidate engaged, etc.), depth (amount of dedicated time, kinds of leadership offered, etc.) and significance (impact of candidate's involvement and/or significance of results).

The Award: Those individuals who have been selected to receive the Tribute Award are honored in the Fall semester by a formal reception hosted by the Office of the President of Memorial University. The President of the University and the President of MUNPA present the honoree(s) with an award certificate and a non-monetary token of recognition.

The decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

MUNPA Tribute Award - 2016 Nomination Form


2015 Tribute Award Winners

Henry Mann - Retired in 2007 as Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Grenfell Campus after 35 years of service.

Mary Kathleen (Kay) Matthews - Retired in 2002 as Associate Professor from the School of Nursing after 16 years of service.

Allan Stein - Retired in 2003 as a Professor of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science after 38 years of service.



Previous Tribute Award Winners


Evan Simpson

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Jean Briggs

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Phyllis Artiss

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Ellen St. Croix

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John Walsh 

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Tony Chadwick

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Bill Redden

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Verna Skanes

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Arthur May

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Sharon Buelher

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Shirley Fraize

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Roberta Buchanan

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Joan Scott

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Noel Veitch

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Meritorious Service Award Winners


Dr. D.V. Reddy


Sheena Findley

William Allerdice

Cater Andrews


Alistair Riach

Antony Duarte

Carmen Mews

Carmel Woodford

Charles Rennie

Doug Eaton

Ferris Hodgett

Herbert Jackson


M. Josephine Barron

Helen F. Carew

Phyllis Dunn Delaney

John M. Facey

Marjorie Dodge Frampton

Bernard S. Jackson

Ian Mennie

R. Corben Noel

V. Stephen Papezik

Arthur M. Sullivan