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Would you like to work at the Mathematics Learning Centre?

TA helping student

Every semester, the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC) hires undergraduate students to work in their Math 10XF classes. These students come from various academic disciplines, many of which do not have a focus on mathematics. This is in recognition of the growing importance of mathematics in areas which historically did not involve much math.

The undergraduate students are trained and mentored by the full-time staff at the Mathematics Learning Centre, in consort with teachers from the K-12 system, who work at the Centre as part-time instructional assistants. These working partnerships involving learners and instructors from various levels of the K-16 education stream are what we refer to as “Collaborative Professional Involvement”, and have become our way of facilitating a more seamless transition into the post-secondary education sector.

Students hired for Math 10XF positions work in one of four possible capacities: Teaching Assistant Trainee, Teaching Assistant, Junior Instructional Teaching Assistant, or part-time Instructional Teaching Assistant.  These positions are hierarchal in nature, i.e., all students start out as Teaching Assistant Trainees but are given the opportunity to move up the hierarchy in subsequent semesters if rehired. Hence, the first semester of employment for all undergraduate students is 80 hours of training only. Students who successfully complete the training component may then be rehired as Teaching Assistants. After working as a Teaching Assistant for 2 or more semesters the student could possibly move up to Junior Instructional Teaching Assistant and finally to part-time Instructional Teaching Assistant.