September 17-30, 2012

September 17-30:  Rachel  helped weigh/prepare pigeons (small birds) and ducks for the community freezer in Nain.  

September 17-30:  The Labrador West office is getting ready to host the upcoming Fall exams for UNISA.

September 17-30:  Morgon and Karen continue to work with QEII staff regarding the acquisitions and cataloguing processes of LI library materials.

September 17:  Nathaniel participated in a conference call with the NG and the School of Social Work to plan Winter semester BSW placements.

September 17: Rachel Hirsch attended a Nain Community Freezer Staff meeting to plan for the upcoming meeting with harvesters to solicit feedback about the pilot youth program and to discuss scheduling for the fall.

September 17-21:  LI hosted PhD candidate Melody Morton Ninomiya in the North West River Research Station accommodations.

September 20:  Rebecca attended a meeting of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Housing and Homeless Coalition.

September 18:  Labrador Institute staff in Happy Valley-Goose Bay participated in Ergonomic assessments, which were completed by Ms. Erin Bradbury, the Ergonomic Specialist for Memorial University.

September 19: Martha attended a Bachelor of Social Work Steering Committee meeting.  The social work students are in their final year and plans are being made for a June 2013 graduation, to be held in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

September 19:  Scott attended a conference call meeting with Noetix, to discuss satellite ice monitoring in Lake Melville.

September 19: Scott attended a Sivunivut team meeting to discuss Phase 2, and plan for interviews and up-coming project work.

September 19-20: LI hosted Mario Blaser, CRC in Aboriginal Studies, Memorial University in the North West River Research Station accommodations.

September 20: Martha visited Dr. Grant Gardner in St. John’s and presented him with a framed illustration from Polar Bear in the Rock, with a plaque thanking him for his contributions to the Labrador Institute.

September 21:  Martha attended a meeting of the advisory board for the Rooms concerning two new galleries to be opened at the end of June, 2013.

September  21: Scott met with K-9 teachers in Sheshatshiu to discuss the possibility of incorporating the results of the archaeology project into the curriculum.

September 22: Rachel Hirsch presented on the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking Project in Burlington, Vermont at “The Face of Change in the Arctic: Climate Change, Sovereignty, Impacts” workshop hosted by the University of Vermont and the Canadian Embassy.

September 24:  Martha attended the opening of Culture Days at the town hall in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

September 24–28: Marie Clément attended meetings at the Marine Institute in St. John's and presented a seminar entitled: "What stable isotope and otolith microchemistry analysis reveal and conceal about anguillid eel movements across salinity boundaries".

September 25:  Nathaniel Met with representatives from provincial and federal courts to plan a symposium on suicide in Labrador's justice system.

September 25: Ron and Keith participated in a Resources and Sustainability in the Arctic (ReSDA) teleconference meeting.

September 25 & 26:  Rebecca hosted the Aboriginal Health Research Ethics Workshop in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with participants from across the province. Rachel Hirsch attended and helped to facilitate discussion at the Workshop and Nathaniel and Martha of the Labrador Institute also attended. This event was hosted by the Labrador Institute and the Labrador Aboriginal Health Research Committee.

September  27:  Martha was busy preparing for the upcoming interviews for the Research Associate in Education position.

September 27 and 28: Scott visited two Grade 5 classes in Sheshatshiu to talk about archaeology and the Project in Sheshatshiu, and then hosted these same grade 5 classes at the Archaeology Lab at the Labrador Institute Research Station in North West River.

September 28: Rebecca hosted the first of the Labrador Institute Research Discussion Series where Rachel Hirsch presented on her work titled " Real people experiencing real hunger’: Tracking the exchange and use of a community-based research message from Iqaluit to Ottawa". Labrador Institute staff attended this discussion.

September 28: Ron was busy with the planning and follow up with potential participants for Dr. Chris Southcott’s October 19 visit regarding ReSDA.

September 29: Labrador/ians on Film presented Craft Making Traditions at the Labrador Friendship Centre.