May 14-27, 2012

Here is the LI: Bi-weekly Review for May 14-27, 2012

May 14-27: Rachel submitted a request to establish a research account to use MUN Faculty of Arts research grant (associated with LI PDF) to share our experiences and solicit feedback from other Nunatsiavut communities on the Nunatsiavut Government's Youth Outreach Pilot Program this September.

May 14-27: Seven UNISA exams were written at the Labrador City office.

May 15-17: Keith Chaulk met with Memorial's president, the VP of Research and ACOA.

May 16: Rebecca Schiff and Rachel Hirsch attended a workshop on TCPS2 hosted by the NL Health Research Ethics Authority in partnership with Tri-Council, held in St. John's.

May 16-20: Scott Neilsen attended the annual conference of the Canadian Archaeology Association and organized a session on the state of Archaeological theory in Canada; Scott also presented a paper in this session. He also read a paper on behalf of the Tshikapisk Foundation in a session on the Eastern Sub-Arctic.

May 17: Keith Chaulk has a new article accepted for publication in Northeastern Naturalist and is expected to be published in about 6 months.

May 17: Rebecca Schiff was elected as interim co-chair of the HVGB Housing and Homelessness Coalition.

May 17: Martha MacDonald, Associate Director, attended Advancement Council meeting (University's external relations committee)

May 17: All people involved in the Innu-aimun version of the Polar Bear in the Rock project have been sent copies of the book.

May 18: Martha represented the Labrador Institute at the College of the North Atlantic, HV-GB campus graduation

May 18: Interviews for the contractual position of Research Associate (Soil Science) were held.

May 21-24: Keith Chaulk met with the VP Academic, the Dean of Science, the Dean of Education, and the Interim Manager of Administration and Finance, all in St. John's. He also attended meetings on Aboriginal Studies.

May 21–25: Scott continued to work on arrangements to host a volunteer at the North West River research station and continued to work on arrangements to host an intern from the University of Michigan in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this summer.

May 22: Martha attended a meeting in St. John's to discuss the new BA with a major in Aboriginal Studies.

May 22 – 23: Rebecca Schiff attended the workshop "Moving the North South: Understanding the Importance of the Provincial North in Canadian Political Economy" hosted by the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development at the University of Saskatchewan; Rebecca presented her paper titled "Rethinking Governance: Supporting healthy development through systems-level collaboration"

May 23: Attended meeting of CURA sub-committee to discuss interactive website which has been developed to teach NunatuKavut history in school. This is a part of the CURA project.

May 24: Arranged CURA Board of Governors' meeting for June; Martha replaces Jennifer as chair.

May 25: Martha conducted some follow-up from the Heritage Forum in the form of discussions about opportunities for research with Melva Williams, museum staff person in Rigolet, NL.

May 25: Rachel Helped with cooking and serving of caribou soup at the Nain Community Freezer's Celebration of Country/Traditional Foods Dinner at the Nain Research Centre.

May 26: The Labrador/ians on Film final screening for this season took place at the Labrador Friendship Centre. The theme was "Encores", and showcased some of this year's favorite films again.