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What is a student exchange program?

A student exchange is a program in which students from a university study abroad at one of their institution’s partner institution. It consists of a formal agreement between the two universities that allows the exchange of students between the two universities. In addition to the educational value associated with studying abroad, students learning in a new country can gain a greater insight into new cultures, improve language skills and broaden their social horizons. Furthermore, Memorial University students is to pay Memorial University’s tuition rates and fees during an exchange program. International student tuition at most institutions is comparatively high so it makes an exchange program through Memorial University very attractive.

Where can I go?

Memorial University has academic exchange agreements with over 120 universities worldwide. Your exchange coordinator will have a complete listing of all the institutions that are available to you, as specific institutional agreements may be limited to particular faculties (ex: business students only) and levels of study (ex: undergraduate only).

To assist students with this decision making process, Memorial University's exchange coordinators can aid in finding the right partner institution for you and your field of study. Students are encouraged to categorize their choices by country and specific academic program. This enables you and your exchange coordinator to find an exchange program that fits your academic field and personal interests.

In order to start your search and find more information on each of the partner institution, you can follow the Exchange Partner link listed in the left-hand side menu. You can also contact an exchange coordinator for more information. This contact information can be found in the section titled "Applying for exchange" below.

When can I go on exchange?

This answer depends on your program of study and availability of exchange spaces at partner institutions. Memorial University students have the opportunity to go on an exchange during the summer, fall or winter semesters, and most students go through the application process during their second year of study and actually go on an exchange during their third year. Students wishing to take courses abroad within their last 10 courses of their first degree from Memorial University must seek special permission from the undergraduate studies committee from their respective department. This request must be made in writing and include : the number of courses to be taken outside of MUN (in the last 10) and rationale for this choice. This letter will then be forwarded to the Registrar's Office.

To find out what fits best for your area of study and your future plans, it is advised that you consult with your academic advisor and your corresponding exchange coordinator.

Applying for exchange

To apply for exchange, you must first contact Internationalization Office or your program specific coordinator through any of these channels:

Business Students:
Victoria Greey
Tel: (709) 864-4504
Arts Students:
Natalie Spracklin
Tel: (709) 864-2152
Students in faculties other than Arts or Business:
Teeba Alsafar
Tel: (709) 864-4473

Only students who have contacted their respective exchange coordinator in timely manner will receive access to the online student exchange applications. Because exchanges/semesters abroad are academic programs and the exchange process is competitive, your academic grades are an important selection criteria by student exchange committee. In addition, students interested in studying abroad should submit their applications for each semester before the deadline. Upcoming deadlines are as follows: 

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester 2015: February 10, 2015
Spring or Summer 2015: March 3, 2015
North2North 2015: February 3, 2015
Winter Semester 2015: September 15, 2014

Late applications received throught the year may be considered depending of space availability and partner school deadlines. These will be considered on a first-come first serve basis.

Application form could be found here. In addition, all applicants for should include the following documents within their application package to be considered for an exchange program:

  • Current résumé: Including academic, work and volunteer experiences.
  • Up-to-date transcript: Undergraduate students must have a 2.5 GPA average calculated over their last 16 courses.
  • Two letters of reference: These may be personal and/or academic references
  • Letter of intent: Students will be required to provide a detailed description of the reasons behind their choice of exchange location. This will include written summaries of the country, school, courses, and preparation for exchange. Students must be nominated by both their academic department and the International Centre in order to participate in an exchange program. Students should include any interest in international issues such as active membership in international organizations, participation in the MUN Mentors program, enrolment in courses with an international focus (foreign language, geography, political science, etc) and previous travel experience in their application letter.


There are some scholarships available for undergraduate students participating in study abroad programs. Please visit the Scholarships and Awards Office website for more details.

Process period

Students are notified of the results by e-mail within 2 weeks of the stated application deadline.