Apu Akbar

Exploring Innovation in Childcare within Social Business; Drivers & Barriers

Supervisors: Dr. Jose Lam, Business; Dr. Sudhir Saha, Business; Dr. Anne Burke, Education; Dr. Brenda Lefrancois, Social Work; Dr. Peter Stewart, Psychology.

Research: Innovation is still an illusion because almost everybody knows or claims to know what Innovation is but just cannot bring innovation when and where one feels the necessity of being innovative. Since 1930 scholars have been digging this issue from different perspectives based on their individual expertise and/or area of activities. There are many definitions of Innovation and related explanations, but none has been considered as a generic one.

The said research will make an attempt to resolve the unresolved illusion of Innovation. It might not be able to develop a generic definition of Innovation but the approach of the proposed research is so different from the all previous researches on Innovation that it will surely be considered as a turning point for the researches on Innovation.

Discipline: Business Administration, Education, Social Work