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Women and power in medieval Silesia

Excerpt from a charter of Beatrix, duchess of Silesia and lady of Fürstenberg, 1307: Beatrix dei gracia ducissa Slesie (“Beatrix, by the grace of God duchess of Silesia”). State Archive, Wroclaw, Poland.

MUN historian Sébastien Rossignol publishes article on medieval women and political authority

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Postdoc Anne Dance Attends Environmental History Summer School

Former DOMTAR mill

History Department Postdoctoral Fellow Anne Dance joined a group of environmental historians gathered to explore the national capital region as part of the Canadian History and Environment Summer School (CHESS) sponsored by the Network in Canadian History and the Environment (NiCHE).

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Conference Notes: Medieval studies

Detail from a charter of Prince Wizlaw III of Rügen for a burgher of Stralsund, 1300. Stralsund City Archive, Germany.

MUN historian Sébastien Rossignol takes part in annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes.

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Student Research Diary

Archival Document

Doctoral student Philiip Reid asks -- so what is this archival research business all about?

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