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The Productivity Puzzle
(Synergy Session, June 15, 2015, Video)

Integrating a Disability Lens in Public Policy
(Synergy Session, June 11, 2015, Video)

Islands of Sun and Ice
(Synergy Session, May 1, 2015, Video)

In the Eye of the Storm: Pipelines and the National Energy Board
(Synergy Session, February 2, 2015, Video)

Battening Down the Hatches: Lessons from Hurricane Igor
(Synergy Session, Septemeber 19, 2014, Video)

Increasing the Profitability and Reliability of Our Electrical System
(Synergy Session, September 12, 2014, Video)

A Safe and Decent Place to Live: Responding to the Needs of Homeless Youth
(Synergy Session, June 16, 2014, Video)

Relationships First: Rethinking the Formation of School Culture
(Synergy Session, May 12, 2014, Video)

Sci-Fact: How Robots and Computers are improving service delivery
(Synergy Session, March 14, 2014, Video)

No Adult Left Behind: Adult Education in Changing Times
(Synergy Session, April 4, 2014, Video)

Arctic Sovereignty and Security: What Role for National Defence?
(Synergy Session, April 2, 2014, Presentation)

Australia Immigrants and International Students-What can we learn?
(Synergy Session, March 14, 2014, Video)

Social Enterprise in the Age of Globalization
(Synergy Session, March 10, 2014, Video)

The Benefits of School Gardens: A Case Study of St. Francis School Greenhouse
(Synergy Session, March 7, 2014, Video)

BUILDing Prosperity One Green Job at a Time
(Synergy Session, February 25, 2014, Video)

Atlantic Canada Cooperation: Vision or Hallucination?
(Synergy Session, November 29, 2013, Video)

Employer investment in apprenticeships and work-based learning: Evidence from the UK
(Synergy Session, November 15, 2013, Video)

Synergy Alberta - A Community Engagement Success Story
(Synergy Session, September 4, 2013, Video)

Myth Busting the Sex Industry in Canada
(Synergy Session, August 9, 2013, Video)

Moving Downtown: How universities can re-use landmark properties
(Synergy Session, June 18, 2013, Video)

Are universities creating entrepreneurs or just ticking boxes?
(Synergy Session, May 16, 2013, Video)

Creating Cultural Landscapes: Including Culture in Design
(Synergy Session, March 20, 2013, Video)

It Takes More Than Kind Smiles and Nice Gestures: On the Integration of Muslim Immigrants
(Synergy Session, February 21, 2013, Video)