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  • Each Bed has a telephone.
  • A telephone account must be set up with reception before calls can be made.
  • Calling cards can be used, however you still need to activate your telephone account. It is advisable to purchase calling cards once in England. Please check with campus staff which cards are compatible with our system. For cheap calling cards please check
  • Incoming calls are free.
  • If you run out of credit during your call, you are not disconnected. But you should pay the exceeded amount at reception.
  • Internal calls on campus are free.
  • You must not accept reverse charge calls on your telephone. These calls will now show immediately on your account but you will be charged and they are very expensive.
  • To dial outside campus to Canada: Press “9” and then dial “001” and the phone number. (Example: To call Marine Institute, MUN, you should dial 001- 709-778-0200)
  • To dial outside campus to England: Press "9" and dial the area code and then the telephone number. (Example: To call Harlow College, you should dial 01279 – 868000. 01279 is Harlow’s area code.)


  • If you wish to bring a laptop with you to Harlow you will need to have it certified by Memorial staff. Please contact Computer Services, Phone: (709) 737-4595
  • The Campus is fully wireless
  • We have 24/7 broadband internet connection
  • Network points are also available in each bedroom in order to connect your laptop computer to the Harlow Campus network. You will also need to provide your own network cable for your laptops
  • Currently to use your laptop on the Harlow Campus network you need to arrange to see our systems administrator in order for him to configure your laptop to work on our network
  • You will need to provide your own adaptor for an English plug socket. (Cost: £3.00 approx.)
  • There are 8 public computers in the library
  • Every student has 25 mb space allotted in these computers

If you have any questions about using the systems at Harlow, please contact our systems administrator, Mr Jon Deal, via email