MUN Cinema Series - Winter 2018

Sep 11  TBA  
Sep 18  TBA  
Sep 25  TBA  
Oct 2  TBA  
Oct 9  TBA  
Oct 16  TBA  
Oct 23  TBA  
Oct 30  TBA  
Nov 6  TBA  
Nov 13  TBA  
Nov 20  TBA  
Nov 27  TBA  
Dec 4  TBA  

All screenings are at 7:00 pm, Thursday, in
Cineplex Cinemas in the Avalon Mall.

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Full season pass: $72.00 regular / $66.00 students and seniors
6-Pass: $45.00 regular / $40.00 students and seniors
Single Admission:  $10.00 regular /  $9.00 students and seniors

All films are open to the public. MUN Cinema sets up a table near the Cinemas' box office about an hour before each MUN Cinema screening where tickets and passes may be purchased. Tickets and passes cannot be purchased at other times.

There is no guaranteed seating for passholders. A pass may be used to admit at most two people to any single screening. If two people are admitted on a single pass, the pass will be punched twice.

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[IMDb] Follow the links to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for more information about the films.

September 11  TBA

September 18  TBA

September 25  TBA

October 2  TBA

October 9  TBA

October 16  TBA

October 23  TBA

October 30  TBA

November 6  TBA

November 13  TBA

November 20  TBA

November 27  TBA

December 4  TBA

For more information contact:

Noreen Golfman
phone: 864-2478
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