Facilities Development and Renewal

Assistant Director: Keith Hiscock

Services Provided:

Facilities Engineering:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and cost analysis of capital projects and major alterations.
  • Engineering design & project management services.
  • Development & maintenance of design standards.
  • Coordination of external contracts for Architectural/Engineering/Interior Design services.
  • Preparation of technical standards and procedures.

Project Design and Drafting

  • Manage architectural, mechanical and electrical construction, renovation and refurbishing projects for building and exterior development on campus.
  • Provision of drafting services including preparation, maintenance and archiving of technical drawings. Preparation of technical specifications for tenders.
  • Office design services.
  • Maintenance of Space Planning software.

Building services

  • Building inspection and quality control. Interior/exterior signage design, screening and printing.
  • Interior/exterior signage design, screening and printing.
  • Design and servicing of locking systems.
  • Minor construction projects.
  • Building repairs and maintenance including carpentry.
  • Building repairs & maintenance.
  • Administers external contract for Maintenance Painting.

Grounds management

  • Grounds maintenance and caretaking.
  • Landscape improvements and planning.
  • Interior/exterior plant maintenance. Weed & insect control.
  • Roadway/sidewalk maintenance and improvements, snowclearing/ice control.
  • Underground services.
  • Solid waste removal/shredding and disposal of confidential documents.
  • University way finding system/standards.
  • Pathological incineration.
  • Transportation services.

Space Planning and Administration

  • Compilation and administration of the space inventory.
  • Development of a formal University-wide space policy.
  • Detailed review of space issues for each major division of the University.
  • Development of a formalized space allocation model.
  • Development and implementation of a graphical space information system.
  • Development of a budget/costing model for space changes within the University.