Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for engineering applications? Does engineering accept late applications?

All applications for Engineering One and Term 3 are due by March 1 in the year you wish to begin. March 1 is a strict deadline. Late applications will only be accepted with extenuating circumstances.

I did not get the required mark on the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT). What now?

Contact the Math department. If you were conditionally admitted to the faculty, you must be registered for Math 1000 by the last day to add courses in the fall semester in which you were admitted. The Math department controls access to Math 1000.

I did not get accepted into Engineering One. What do I do?

There are two ways to gain access into the Engineering faculty:

  1. Through Engineering One or
  2. You can take the required Engineering One courses as a Bachelor of Science student and then apply for acceptance in Term 3.

In each of the four engineering courses, there are a small number of seats available for Bachelor of Science students. These seats are on a first come first served basis and are competitive. If you are not eligible to register in one of these seats, add your name to the waiting list. Students on the waitlist that are offered a seat are notified by email before the end of the first week of classes. Please do not contact the engineering department about the waitlist. We cannot advise if you will be offered a seat.

Can you take a course while on work term if you are an Engineering One student?

To go on a spring work term in your Engineering One year, you must have completed all 11 required courses before the end of the winter semester. However, you can take a course while on work term if you have permission from your employer.

What if I fail an Engineering One required course?

If you wish to be promoted to Term 3, you must repeat the course before the end of the spring semester.

What is the likelihood of an Engineering One student getting a work term in the spring semester?

This is dependent upon factors within a student's control (e.g., grades, interview performance) and factors outside of a student's control (e.g., availability of positions, competition, company culture). To be eligible to enter the job competition, students must have a minimum of a 70% average at the end of the fall semester. Students should attend all sessions of the ENGI 200W Professional Development course and consult with the Co-operative Education Office.

I am transferring and I have an engineering technical diploma. Can I upgrade this to a degree?

Yes, but courses required for a technical diploma and an academic engineering degree are often different. Many students gain some transfer credits, but not necessarily as many as they think they should receive. In many cases, students begin in Engineering One and complete the full five years of Memorial's engineering program.

Does Memorial have any transfer agreements with colleges?

No. Due to the nature of our program, this type of agreement is difficult. An initiative is underway to develop a bridging program but this will not be in place until 2019 at the earliest.


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