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Welcome to the Biology Department

The Science Building

Welcome to the Biology Department at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Graduate students can enroll in both MSc and PhD programs and study with faculty in Biology and those affiliated with other Faculty of Science units at Memorial University. Our department offers several undergraduate programs including an Honours program and field courses. 



Can blueberry extract prevent Parkinson's?

Photo Credit: Todd Boland

Can blueberry extract prevent or reduce the effects of Parkinson’s? That’s what researchers at Memorial University are trying to figure out.

A new paper by David Lipsett and Dr. Brian Staveley of the Department of Biology suggests that a diet supplemented with blueberry extract may indeed have a positive impact on a fruit fly model of Parkinson Disease.

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Unique workshop prepares mosquito researchers to ID species posing risk

Andrew Chaulk

Researchers at Memorial are educating themselves to be able to identify the large variety of species of mosquito in the province.

The goal is to be better prepared to recognize the potential health risks they can pose through mosquito borne diseases.

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