Specific Course FAQs

Can I get a prerequisite waiver for Biochemistry 2101?


You must pass one course in Organic Chemistry (either Chemistry 2400 or Chemistry 2440) before you will be admitted to Biochemistry 2101. No pass, no admission!

Note that if you are taking the Chemistry 2400/2401 stream, then you must also be in Chemistry 2401 at the same time as Biochemistry 2101 unless you have taken it previously.

Do I have to repeat the labs in Biochemistry ####?

If you are repeating one of these courses - either because you failed it the first time or because you want to improve your mark - then, IF you obtained a lab mark of 70% or better the previous time that you took the course, you will be excused the labs. We will use your previous lab mark in computing your new mark.

There's a time limit, though, you must repeat the course within 5 years of taking it.

Can I get credit for Biochemistry 2600 if I have already taken Biochemistry 3200 or Biochemistry 3201?

No, you will not get credit for Biochemistry 2600 if you have already completed Biochemistry 3200 or 3201.

You may take Biochemistry 2600 as an elective in your program and you will get credit for the course as long as you take it before you take Biochemsitry 3200 or 3201.

I have registered for Medicine 310A and it shows 0 credits. Is this correct? Isn't it supposed to be a 3 credit course?

Linked A/B courses, such as medicine 310A and B, give no credit for the first course and 6 credits for the second course. See also Regulation 5.8.4 in the University Calendar.