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FAQs about scholarships and awards

How do I qualify for the Dean's List?

You need to take at least nine courses in two semesters of the academic year and you need to have an average of 80% over those courses. You must have at least 7 A's. And you must take at least seven SCIENCE courses.

You can read the offical regulations on the Faculty of Science web pages.

Do I need to apply to be on the Dean's List?

Generally not. Each year in the fall, we will look over our list of majors to see who qualifies to be on the Dean's List. We will post our preliminary list on the noticeboard outside the Advising Office. If we make a mistake and forget to include your name, you should let us know and we will investigate.

What scholarships are available in the department?

A number of scholarships, bursaries and prizes are awarded each year to undergraduates in the Biochemistry Department.

A list of these awards can be found on the Department of Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarships page.

How do I apply for scholarships in the department?

You don't!

Once a year, the department will nominate the candidate who meets the criteria for the award of the scholarship. Students who wish to be considered for those scholarships that are restricted to honours students should ensure that they have declared honours standing by September 01 each year.