The Qualtrics survey tool is available to current Memorial faculty and staff. Students who are involved in research projects under the supervision of a faculty/staff member may request a Qualtrics account for the duration of their work on that survey project and require approval of the faculty/staff member.

Memorial has purchased an enterprise licence for the Qualtrics survey tool so there is no cost for individual faculty or staff members to use the system.

The Qualtrics tool can be used to create, distribute and analyse surveys that are created by Memorial faculty and staff for a research or administrative purpose, in accordance with Memorial University policies. It cannot be used for personal or commercial purposes, activities not related to or affiliated with the University, or any purpose not consistent with University policies.

The Qualtrics support team offers 24/7 support for any technical questions that Memorial users may have. Methods for contacting Qualtrics can be found on the 'Support and Training' tab on this site. Helpful resources and training materials can also be found on the Qualtrics website at www.qualtrics.com and through the Help option within Qualtrics.

Questions pertaining to process, policies and procedures, or best practices can be directed to the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) at ciap@mun.ca or Information Management and Protection at IM@mun.ca.

Memorial University’s license agreement with Qualtrics has been reviewed by General Counsel, Information Access and Privacy, IT Security Group and Information Management and Protection and meets the privacy, security and legislative requirements of the University.

Memorial University of Newfoundland data will be stored in Canada in Qualtrics’ Toronto data centre.

With the Qualtrics enterprise licence model, researchers and units no longer have to pay for and maintain separate survey systems and license fees, which will reduce overall costs to the University. This model provides an industry-leading and highly functional survey tool to Memorial users at no cost to them. The Qualtrics tool has been vetted by the University to ensure it meets or exceeds Memorial’s requirements for information management and protection. This not only allows survey data to be collected in a secure way, but mitigates overall risk and liability and significantly reduces the resources required to review individual vendor contracts and services.

For institutional policies we refer to the following policy - https://www.mun.ca/policy/site/policy.php?id=301, specifically 'use of standard methods and systems as currently recommended by CIAP;' of which Qualtrics is the enterprise solution. If it is an institutional survey use case, then use of another tool will have to go through CIAP/Institutional Survey Oversight Committee for consideration.

This feature will be deprecated by February 18, 2023.

To learn more about prevent multiple submissions, bot detection, security scan monitor, and RelevantID,  see Qualtrics ExpertReview Fraud Detection feature.

Because Qualtrics uses single sign-on authentication at the Memorial University, you will need to close all instances of your browser in order to completely "log out" of the software.  

Please note:  We are working with the developers to add a message to the Log Out screen to notify users of this workaround.