Research Exchange Group on Work and Health

Jan 14th, 2016


Research Exchange Group on Work and Health

The Newfoundland & Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research (NLCAHR) in partnership with the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research plans to establish a Research Exchange Group (community-based and academic) on the impacts of employment, unemployment, disability, and other work-related factors on health.  The Research Exchange Group on Work and Health will foster collaboration between community partners from employment-related organizations and programs, health system/government partners, students, and academic researchers. Research Exchange Groups meet on a regular basis to share information, identify opportunities to collaborate on research projects, discuss ongoing research, identify funding opportunities, etc.

You can read about the program here:

We invite you to join.

NLCAHR maintains an email distribution list that includes everyone interested in participating. Wherever you work - government, a health authority, an NGO, private practice, an academic institution - you are welcome to participate.  NLCAHR can connect members by teleconference/ webinar, making this group accessible to individuals in all regions of Newfoundland and Labrador.

 If you would like to join the Research Exchange Group on Work and Health, please RSVP to Rochelle Baker, indicating you would like to be included on the email list.