Promising strategies for primary prevention

Nov 8th, 2018


Promising strategies for primary prevention

SafetyNet is pleased to highlight recent results from "Preventing Occupational Disease: Designing a System that Works" research project (WorkSafeBC Research Project RS2014-IG26):


Project Description

Canadian stakeholders have expressed great interest in the primary prevention of occupational disease, but there is currently little systematic evidence to guide them in the search for effective approaches for Canadian contexts. The "Preventing Occupational Disease" project was designed to involve key stakeholders to identify and assess strategies desgined to prevent: noise-related hearing loss, occupational cancers, occupational asthma, and occupational contact dermatitis.

Visit the project page or contact Dr. Barbara Neis, project lead, for more information.


See also SafetyNet's Tracking Occupational Exposure and Disease (2013).