Families on the Move - Satellite Conference

Mar 5th, 2019

Vanier Institute

Families on the Move - Satellite Conference

March 27-28, 2019, Memorial University, Signal Hill Campus

This conference is an exciting partnership between the Vanier Institute of the Family, Memorial researchers and Newfoundland and Labrador community organizations.This unique and inclusive series of events will bring together diverse leaders from across Canada who study, serve and support families – along with those with lived experience – for two days of research, knowledge-sharing and engaging conversation. 

Space is limited. To register, visit ttps://vanierinstituteevents.ca/fam2019/registration

For more information about the Families in Canada Conference 2019, visit www.familiesincanada.ca.

For any inquiries, please contact the Event Coordinator, Kerri Neil, at kcn177@mun.ca