SafetyNet Governance

In its original governance structure, SafetyNet was governed by an Advisory Board. Consisting of representative researchers, administrators, and community stakeholder groups, the original Advisory Board oversaw the research, administrative/financial, and knowledge mobilization activities of SafetyNet.

SafetyNet became a Type 2 Memorial University Centre in 2007, receiving the funding for its ongoing core activities from the University and began reporting administratively to an internal Memorial University chaired by the Vice-President (Research). The Board includes the deans and directors of relevant academic units including Humantities and Social Sciences, Medicine, Business Administration, Science, and Human Kinetics and Recreation.

The Community Advisory Council is composed of key members of non-university organizations and groups with a stake in OHS issues. The Advisory Council provides input from its non-university stakeholders on strategic issues involving its research, teaching, and knowledge mobilization.

Community Advisory Council

last updated November, 2019