The following tools are created and published by SafetyNet and are intended to be most useful to workers, employers, health care professionals, and occupational health and safety professionals. However, anyone can view and use this information.

Canadian Occupational Health Safety (OHS) Educational Database

This searchable database is the result of a comprehensive survey and analysis of available Canadian educational opportunities in Occupational Health and Safety at all academic and professional levels.

Particpatory Ergonomics Toolkit

The Participatory Ergonomics Toolkit is a free set of tools designed for use by ergonomists interested in implementing an Ergo-Team approach to address ergonomic issues in the workplace. The Toolkit is designed to assist workplaces identify causes of ergonomics issues, develop strategies to address these issues, and evaluate the resulting implemented changes.

Knife Sharpening Training

In the meat and fish processing industries, insufficient knife sharpness can hinder productivity and increase risk to workers for musculoskeletal disorders. The knife-sharpening “Train-the-Trainer Program” functions to train skilled workers in the training of others in knife steeling and sharpening. This reduces the force needed to cut, which in turn increases productivity and reduces strain and injury.



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