Information for graduate, post-doctoral and international students

Updated: Feb. 13, 2023, 4 p.m.

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As of Monday, Feb. 13, research activities led by MUNFA members, graduate students and/or postdoctoral research fellows that experienced an interruption will resume immediately.

The research request process previously implemented is no longer required.

Graduate students and/or postdoctoral research fellows are encouraged to contact their academic supervisor(s) if they have any questions.

Memorial’s research regulations and protocols, including policies related to expenditures, will follow normal procedures.

Memorial is currently updating the Research Funding Database with revised dates for internal competitions.

Information on what a strike means for international students is available here and on the IRCC Help Centre page 

International students at Grenfell campus are asked to email with questions. 

A strike would have to last beyond 150 days to affect student immigration status. We do not anticipate immigration status being affected by the strike at Memorial given the history of strikes at Canadian universities and we encourage all students with questions about their immigration status to contact Memorial’s immigration advisors for more information. 

International students are one of the most vulnerable populations on Canadian university campuses. Part of what makes international students vulnerable is the temporary nature of their immigration status. Regulated Canadian Immigration Advisors (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Advisors (RISIAs) have a legal obligation to ensure that any immigration information provided to students is fully accurate and empowers students to make decisions for themselves and their families. This is not done lightly, but with the greatest care and commitment to the wellbeing of international students.  

The School of Graduate Studies will be flexible with deadlines for internal, Memorial funded graduate awards or scholarships. Deadline dates for these graduate awards or scholarships will be reviewed and updated to allow students time to obtain required reference letters from MUNFA members.