Photos Archive for 2012, Page 2

August 05, 2012: Lisa Rankin's 2012 excavations in Sandwich Bay, p.2.

Photos from Pigeon Cove taken on July 15, 2012

Pigeon Cove Archaeology Crew
Pigeon Cove archaeology crew.
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Pigeon Cove camp looking south
Pigeon Cove camp looking south.
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Overview of excavation site
Overview of excavation site.
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Excavation site looking north
Excavation site looking northeast.
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Excavation site looking east
Excavation site looking east.
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Looking west at the site from the hill.
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Stone floor of excavation site
Stone floor of excavation site.
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Pigeon Cove sunset.
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Artifacts from the excavation site at Pigeon Cove

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Close up of bead
Close-up of bead.
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Harpoon head
Harpoon head.
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Lamp stand with oil residue
Lamp stand with oil residue.
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Soap stone lid
Soap stone lid.
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French course earthenware
French coarse earthenware.
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Miniature soap stone lamp
Miniature soap stone lamp.
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Pipe stem
Pipe stem
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