News Archive for 2010

Dec 8, 2010: The recent video workshop conducted at the high school in Cartwright.

Lisa Rankin, Derek Norman, and Corey Hutchings took camcorders, laptops and editing software to Cartwright in November to train students in scriptwriting, filming, interviewing and editing. This was part of the SSHRC-funded project “Identify Yourself”, in which students will produce short films on the broad themes of being Metis and living in southern Labrador. The students will continue to film over the winter, and there will be further workshops to assist them in editing and producing their videos. Photos from the trip can be seen in the 2010 Photo Archive section of the site.

July, 2010

Two archaeological crews are once again in the field in southern Labrador. Dr. Marianne Stopp's crew is working in the area of Charlottetown, and Dr. Lisa Rankin's crew is back at the site on Indian Island, on Huntingdon Island in the mouth of Sandwich Bay. We expect to have photos from both crews in the near future.