News Archive for 2009

July 24, 2009: Finds from the field in Southern Labrador

Work continues on the excavation of a 16th or early 17th century Inuit dwelling site at Indian Harbour. Items recovered include preserved seal hide, fragments of a soapstone bowl, and an iron ulu blade. The excavation will continue until the middle of August.

July 8, 2009: Archaeology Crews in the field in Southern Labrador

Two archaeological field crews are currently in the field in southern Labrador. The first crew, under the direction of Dr. Marianne Stopp, is working in the vicinity of Battle Harbour, and will be in the field until near the end of July. The second crew, under the direction of Dr. Lisa Rankin, is working at Indian Harbour on Huntingdon Island, at the entrance to Sandwich Bay. That crew will be in the field until about August 15.

Both crews are investigating early contact period Inuit habitation sites in order to further our understanding of early Inuit occupation in southern Labrador. Of particular interest in these investigations are the dates of the sites, the season or seasons of occupation, the kinds of economic activities that were carried out, the architecture of the dwellings, and the kinds of tools and other objects, of European origin and traditional Inuit, that were used by the inhabitants.