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[From Left to Right: Jun Zhang, Paula Struk Jaia, Jane Zhu, Md Arifur Rahman, Tony Fang, Tiffany Gale, Sumaiya Akter, Evan McCarthy, Shichuan Zhong]

Dr. Tony Fang is the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Economic and Cultural Transformation at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Currently he sits on a World Bank's Expert Advisory Committee on Migration and Development. He is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research on the Canadian, and Newfoundland and Labrador economies. His areas of research interest encompass issues of high performance workplace practices, retirement policy and the ageing workforce, education, immigration, innovation and firm growth. He has provided extensive consulting services to the HRSC, Statistics Canada, and Government of Ontario.

Dr. Halina Sapeha is a Public Engagement Postdoctoral Fellow at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Public Policy from McMaster University. Her research interests include labour migration, integration of immigrants, and efficacy and effectiveness of public policies. She previously held posts in international agencies and think tanks in Europe and worked on surveys in Canada and abroad for COMPAS Research.

Dr. David Brake is a researcher, educator, internet consultant and journalist. His broad research interests include digital divides and digital media literacy, mediated interpersonal interaction, the political economy of the social web and other internet applications, online journalism (in particular journalists and user generated content) and the interconnections between new media, the mass medias and politics. His PhD thesis (London School of Economics) was on personal webloggers and their relationship with their audiences.

Dr. Zhen (Jane) Zhu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Management at Sichuan College of Architectural Technology. Her research interests include human capital investment efficiency, the development of the Human Resources service industry in Sichuan, China and linkages between workforce diversity and workplace productivity.With over 20 years of working experience in human resources and human capital research, Jane has developed a broad range of technical expertise in data collection, processing and analysis from existing research, survey, interview and other sources. 

Opeyemi Jaunty-Aidamenbor is a Ph.D. candidate researching the impact of immigrants on the labour market of Newfoundland and Labrador, especially the impact on labour market outcomes of the local population. She examines what group(s) is/are most affected and how. She is currently enrolled in the Interdisciplinary PhD programme (Economics, Sociology, and Political Science) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She received an MSc in Human Resource Management from the University of Wales, United Kingdom.

Sara Pun is a Ph.D. student in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University and is also a music therapist and music educator. Her research interests is in building community through music-making and music sharing through world music. She believes in the power of applied ethnomusicology and public sector work that can promote values like pluralism and diversity in society.

Yan Fu is a doctoral candidate majoring in Public Administration at the Department of Public Policy and Administration of Zhejiang University and an assistant research fellow in Zhejiang Institution of Talent Development. Her research mainly concentrates on talent management practices in China, talent policy making and implementation deviations, and talent policy performance evaluation. Yan specializes in survey studies and case studies. She is also skilled with several quantitative analytical techniques including regression method and bibliometric method.

Sinikka Okkola is a recent M.A. graduate in Geography at Memorial University. Her research interests are regional development, housing and income inequalities. She also holds a degree in chemical engineering from Abo Akademi, Turku, Finland.

Qi Zhang is a researcher with an M.A. in Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Qi has worked on a number of projects related to retirement age policy and working time policy on labor supply, savings and consumption patterns as well as effects of workforce diversity on productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Xin Chen is an M.A. student majoring in Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research interests include tuition fee determination factors in Canada, and the recruitment and retention of international students in Canada. Xin specializes in survey studies and case studies. She is also very skilled in structural equation modelling and other quantitative analytical techniques, such as regression methods. To conduct her research, Chen participates in many consulting projects about Canadian immigration policy to acquire a better understanding of local practices.

Yanfen Ally Liis a graduate student in Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research interests encompass labor market economics, behavioral economics, and high performance work practices.

Kerri Claire Neil has a B.A. (Hons.) in Economics from Memorial University and is completing her M.A. in Sociology at Memorial. Kerri Claire has worked with Dr. Fangs on several projects researching immigration and municipal service delivery in the province, with a focus on policy development and has several publications, including the Democracy Cookbook.

Nabila Qureshi is an M.Sc. Medicine (Community Health) student in the Division of Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, at Memorial University. Her thesis topic will explore the experience of early resettlement on refugee youth in St. John's and the  impact that has on their sense of well-being. In addition to her academics, she volunteers with the Refugee Immigrant and Advisory  Council's community-based radio show, Radio RIAC.

Jason Waters is an MA student in political science who has joined the team as a GA. Jason will provide qualitative policy research assistance as well as supporting the upcoming Immigration and Sustainable Development conference. His research interests focus on public policy and local governance.

Paula Struk Jaia has completed her Bachelors of Science, majoring in economics, at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Currently, she is an MA student in Economics  at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has worked on a number of projects for CARE (Collaborative Applied Research in Economics), as well as doing the economic forecasting for the prime economic indicators in Newfoundland. Also, she is assisting Dr. Fang in projects related to migration and labour market in Newfoundland and Labrador. Her research interest focus on the relationship between the society and economics, and combining the economic theory with econometric analysis.

Md Arifur Rahman is a graduate research assistant and pursuing an MA in Economics at Memorial University. His research interests include econometrics, big data, artificial intelligence, public finance, labor market, and health economics.

Sumaiya Akter is an MA student in Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has accomplished International Economic Policy course at George Mason University, USA. She is pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst program. Sumaiya is an International Facilitator of British Council, UK. She is passionate about conducting economic research using quantitative analytical technique

Evan McCarthy is an undergraduate research assistant pursuing a B.A in Economics at Memorial University. He is assisting Dr. Fang with projects related to immigration and the labour market in Atlantic Canada. His research interests include economic growth strategies for Newfoundland and Labrador, labour market, immigration, natural resource, and environmental economics." He is hoping to pursue an MA in Economics in the following year.

Tiffany Gale has completed a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Biochemistry at Memorial University and is a current graduate student in the Faculty of Medicine, studying Clinical Epidemiology. Tiffany is also the Director of Marketing at MUNWHO where students debate international health policy. Though her research is primarily focused on metabolic disease and environmental factors, after travelling and volunteering across the globe, she has developed a passion for economics and immigration

Yifei Li is an undergraduate student who majored in Business and Administration and minored in Economics at the Memorial University of Newfoundland as well as double majored in Electrical Engineering in China. She is assisting Dr. Fang on the topic of international migration with the "One Belt And One Road" policy of China. Her research interests include employment in Newfoundland and labrador, international migration, refuge, international students, national trade and economic trends, environmental studies, and investment.

Leyao Chen is an undergraduate research assistant, majoring in both Economics and Mathematics at Memorial University. She is assisting Dr. Fang with projects related to immigration and ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’. Her research interests focus on labour immigration, integration of immigrants, labour market, big data, data collocation and data analysis.

Xiaojie Yang is an Associate Professor at the School of Management and School of Emergency Management, Xihua university. He is also a graduate supervisor with a research focus on management, environmental economics, and emergency management. He has participated in one provincial and ministerial project, four departmental projects, and more than thirty government-commissioned projects. As the principal researcher, he participated in a national social science foundation project and two national social science foundation projects. He presided over and wrote more than forty projects commissioned by government departments and business enterprises and participated in the preparation of two policy recommendations that were both adopted by the provincial government. He has authored one textbook and has published more than ten scholarly papers on business management and environmental economics.

Ly Hui is an Associate Professor of Xihua University, Sichuan, China where she is also the head of the Department of Finance and Asset Appraisal of the School of Management. She obtained her Master’s degree in business management from Sichuan University. Her main areas of research are corporate governance and value assessment. She has published related papers in major academic journals. She teaches Finance Management and Asset Appraisal for undergraduates. Hui is also in charge of the curriculum revisions of undergraduate management program and the implementation of teaching tasks. A student under her guidance won the firstplace prize for twice in the national asset assessment knowledge competition.


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