Consulting, Advisory and Investigations

Consulting, Advisory and Investigation Services

Internal Audit can be a source of advice when guidance is sought regarding strategic and high-level (often also more predictive, forward-looking) scenarios. Advice can be valuable when there is a trusted relationship and need for independent thought and professional approach that draws on research and experience of the professional providing the advice. Advice can be provided over the phone or email on reasonable short notice and will not likely provide a level of assurance or formal engagement documentation.

Internal Audit can be engaged in consulting projects which tend to be more operational and focused on real time events. Consulting projects are approached by defining the scope of the work to be performed which includes a time period. Consulting engagements are more formal in nature than advice, especially if assurance is required in the form of an opinion. For example, services requested would be classified as a consulting engagement if the process is to help the University uncover a specific problem and arrive at a solution. Services would be classified as advisory when the advisor helps uncover problems, but more often directs the client on where to go for further help or assistance.

Examples for advice requests are:

  • reviewing a policy or procedure
  • looking at a particular situation which requires an objective opinion or evaluation
  • suggestions for improving a process or practice

Protected Disclosure Program (Hotline)

The University offers a Protected Disclosure Program which is coordinated by the Executive Director of the Office of the Board of Regents who receives and reports on Protected Disclosures made in accordance with the Policy. The office of Internal Audit assists the Protected Disclosure Coordinator by carrying out activity as requested in accordance with the Protected Disclosure Policy.