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Listen to our latest episodes:

Lisa Moore talks to English professor Fiona Polack about petro cultures and imaging islands.

Lisa Moore talks to history professor John Sandlos about Zombie mines and the politics of development in the Canadian North.

Lisa Moore talks to professor Jamie Skidmore about puppetry, theatre in rural Newfoundland and visual language.

Lisa Moore talks to musicians Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves of Duo Concertante.

Lisa Moore talks to gender studies professor Jennifer Dyer about supports for trans children and youth, and art in popular culture.

Lisa Moore talks to writer-in-residence Karen Solie about poetry and the motivation behind making art.

Lisa Moore talks to geography professor Trevor Bell about Muskrat Falls and what he has learned about nature from Indigenous communities.

Lisa Moore talks to gender studies professor Sonja Boon about archives, auto-ethnography and what living and thinking from an island means.

Lisa Moore talks to 2018 writers in residence Elisabeth de Mariaffi and George Murray about their latest projects and why reading is important.

Lisa Moore talks to philosophy professor Sean McGrath about ecological conversion, why philosophy grads make great CEOs and the philosophy of religion.

Lisa Moore talks to political scientist Amanda Bittner about gender in politics, lurid scandals and stereotyping.

Lisa Moore talks to English professor Danine Farquharson about violence, masculinity and unexpected connections between Irish literature and petrocultures.

Lisa Moore talks to historian Marica Cassis  Marica Cassis about historical archaeology, puzzle solving and the insight gained from standing in someone else’s life.