The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Film Unit (formerly Digital Research Centre for Qualitative Fieldwork) is a facility dedicated to providing faculty members and graduate students who are engaged in Qualitative Fieldwork with their digital research and knowledge mobilization production needs.

Our unit ensures that faculty members, graduate students and their research assistants have access to high quality digital recorders, cameras, video equipment and software to gather, preserve, process and analyze field data.

We also makes it possible for researchers to disseminate the results of their research activities back to the communities in which they work in new ways including videos, CD's, DVDs' and website content.

We recommend making an appointment to ensure the resources you require will be available.



Over 50 years after the original Fogo Process was developed by Memorial University’s Extension Services and eventually used around the world in international development initiatives, Memorial Film Unit coordinator Derek Norman and history professor Jeff Webb are revisiting the project for a new documentary.