The Population Project

Newfoundland and Labrador has the most rapidly aging population in the country – combined with youth out-migration, declining birth rates, and an increasing number of people moving from rural parts of the province to more urban centres, the province is facing an unprecedented population challenge. Without intervention, this trend will have a drastic impact on the economy, governance, and overall quality of life for the people living in the province. Planning for this change and developing strategies to adjust and adapt to the change is paramount.

The Harris Centre’s Population Project will use expertise from both inside and outside the university to explore the implications of the demographic changes projected for the next 20 years. The research reports generated and public discussion of them are intended to help inform and contribute to government policy as well as to strategies that private and non-profit sectors will need to develop to respond to the broad range of issues related to health, governance, transportation, housing, etc., resulting from the population shift.

The Labrador portion of the Population Project has been generously supported by the International Grenfell Association

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