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Regional Workshops offer the opportunity for Memorial University faculty, staff and students to meet with regional stakeholders, in order to discuss topics of mutual interest. The purpose of a Regional Workshop is to explore ways of creating sustainable social and economic regions, and to identify possible future opportunities for research, teaching and outreach.

The Harris Centre organizes four Regional Workshops per year, one in each of the province's four major regions: Labrador, Western Newfoundland, Central Newfoundland and Eastern Newfoundland. The exact location of each workshop is determined annually in consultation with the regional economic development board partner.

Each workshop is a day-long affair, with the morning session dedicated to informing local stakeholders about the activities which Memorial University is conducting in the region, and the afternoon session dedicated to identifying other ways in which the University can assist the region. Registration is free for all participants, and lunch and refreshments are provided by the Harris Centre.

The workshop is preceded the evening before by a Memorial Presents session, on a topic of high public interest.

Benefits to Local Stakeholders

Memorial University is a repository of knowledge and expertise which can assist local stakeholders create sustainable regions. The University has expertise in natural resources (fishery, forestry, geology, etc.); medicine, nursing and community health; transportation and municipal infrastructure; emerging technologies (such as information, computing and telecommunications, biotechnology, and ocean technology); rural education; business and commerce; tourism and culture; the governance of complex organizations; as well as in many other areas.

Memorial University (including the St. John's main campus, Grenfell Campus, the Marine Institute and the Labrador Institute) undertakes numerous research, teaching and outreach activities in all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. Regional Workshops are a privileged opportunity to find out what the University is currently doing or is planning to do in the province's many regions. They also offer a unique opportunity for regional economic development practitioners to encourage further work by the University in all regions.

Regional Workshops are of particular interest to volunteers and staff working with Economic Zone Boards, Development Associations, municipal councils, school boards and other educational institutions, harbour authorities, tourism associations, heritage preservation groups and other non-profit organizations, as well as to government employees at both the Federal and Provincial levels.


Benefits to Memorial University Faculty, Staff and Students


Regional Workshops are a privileged opportunity to outline the activities currently being undertaken or recently completed in the region in which the workshop is taking place to the stakeholders from this region. These activities may include research, teaching and/or outreach. Regional Workshops are also a unique opportunity to provide a progress report on continuing activities or to report on a completed activity. The Harris Centre has developed a format for reporting on on-going or recently completed initiatives; click here for more information.


Regional Workshops are also an excellent opportunity to explore new ideas for research, teaching and outreach.


Faculty, staff and students interested in attending a Regional Workshop are responsible for the costs of travel and accommodations; in some cases, the relevant Department or Faculty may cover some or all these costs. The Harris Centre will make travel and accommodations arrangement for Regional Workshops at the request of University attendees if requested.


For more information about Regional Workshops, call or e-mail Colin Heffernan at (709) 864-6115.


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