Regional Workshop in Southwest Newfoundland

This event was co-sponsored by the

Long Range Economic Development Board (Zone 9)

and the

Marine and Mountain Zone Corporation (Zone 10)

Holiday Inn, Stephenville, Wednesday, March 29, 2006.

Approximately seventy (70) people gathered at the Holiday Inn in Stephenville to discuss what Memorial University is currently doing in Southwest Newfoundland in the areas of teaching, research and outreach, and to identify what else the University could do to improve the quality of life of the area and to stimulate the economy.

The workshop was due to begin with a presentation by Dr. Chris Loomis, Vice-President (Research) about Memorial University. Unfortunately, Dr. Loomis was stranded in Halifax due to a storm, and his presentation was delivered by Dr. Rob Greenwood of the Harris Centre. The presentation identified the number of students currently at Memorial from Zones 9 and 10, and provided a forecast of student enrolment in the coming years. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.

During the morning session, the Harris Centre identified 48 activities in which Memorial University is currently engaged in the region. The list of these activities can be found by clickinghere. And during the afternoon session, an additional 38 new opportunities were identified, in which Memorial could possibly participate: fisheries/aquaculture (9), business/manufacturing (13), tourism (9) and education (7).

Click here to download the background and priorities for Zone 9 andZone 10.

The Harris Centre will help stakeholders from Southwest Newfoundland flesh out these possible new opportunities and, when this is completed, will forward the opportunities to the University community. The intent is to encourage faculty, staff and students to follow up on these opportunities and to work with local stakeholders.

Clickhereto download a copy of the final report, which identifies the potential new activities, as well as the agenda for the day, the list of participants to the workshop, and the evaluation of the session. Click here to download a summary of the report.

On the previous evening, a "Memorial Presents" session was offered, on the subject of "Fisheries Policy and Rural Revitalization: An Integrated Approach". The presentation can be downloaded by clickinghere.


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