Zachary MacMillan-Kenny

Email: zmacmillankenny[at]mun[dot]ca

Dr. Katleen Robert & Dr. Evan Edinger

Previous Education
B.Sc. Marine Biology (honours), Ocean Sciences (minor), Dalhousie University (2021).

Title of Project:
Marine Habitat Mapping on the Coast of Northern Labrador

Research Project Description:
Working alongside the government of Nunatsiavut and Fisheries & Oceans Canada, my research project focuses on seafloor habitat mapping of coastal sites around Nain, Labrador. Specifically, I am investigating which benthic habitats are occupied by two fish species (i.e., Arctic charr, rock cod) that have traditionally been a large part of Inuit subsistence in the Nain region. Additionally, I will evaluate if the region contains habitats with high biodiversity and/or contains habitats sensitive to anthropogenic stressors, while also assessing the similarity of these habitats (e.g., species, structure) compared to those in adjacent biogeographic regions. To conduct this study, I will be gathering data from a variety of ocean technologies (e.g., multibeam echosounder, CTD, hydrophones, drop camera system) to create benthic habitat maps of northern Labrador.

Research Groups:
4D Oceans Lab

Research Interests:
• Benthic ecology
• Community ecology
• Habitat mapping
• Species distribution modelling
• Biogeography