Heather Baehre

Email: hbaehre[at]mun[dot]ca
Office: SN 2005

Dr. Carissa Brown

Research Groups
Northern EDGE Lab

Previous Education
BSc Agriculture – Crop, Horticulture & Turfgrass Science, University of Guelph (2018)

Title of Project
Hierarchies of Habitat: Diapensia lapponica on the Avalon Peninsula

Project Description
Diapensia lapponica is a dwarf, cushion-forming shrub which is adapted for harsh arctic-alpine climates. However, uniquely, it finds itself residing in the highly exposed, barren regions of Newfoundland, which is at the southern and eastern edge of its range in North America. The aim of my research is to identify the biotic and abiotic conditions associated with the occurrence and structural characteristics of D. lapponica on the Avalon Peninsula, specifically in the Hawke Hills Ecological Reserve and the Avalon Wilderness Reserve. I also aim to identify biotic and abiotic conditions of D. lapponica cushions that may have microclimate characteristics appropriate for fostering less hardy plant species. To do this, I will be assessing plant community assemblage, microclimate, and geological/glacial history of my study areas to describe what makes them ideal locations for a hierarchy of habitats.

Research Interests
• Biogeography
• Arctic-alpine plant ecology
• Boreal plant ecology
• Rare species and species-at-risk conservation