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Dr. Alistair Bath

Thesis Title

Impacts and Opportunities from Wood Bison restoration in Alaska

Research Description

My thesis research is part of the larger wood bison restoration effort in Alaska, and its theme is within the human dimensions of wildlife management, that is, the social-psychological aspects involving wildlife conservation and management. The overarching goal of my research is to understand how Alaskans currently perceive impacts and opportunities that may arise as a result from the wood bison reintroduction, and how they differ in their opinions and views about wood bison management in the state. Specifically, my research will focus on two main objectives: 1) to understand how Alaskans feel about the strategies within the wood bison management plan; and 2) to understand local residents’ views toward possible wildlife related developments (e.g., guiding, accommodation, transportation services) within their communities, as a result of bison restoration. Understanding the differences among Alaskans will help adjusting particular management issues and concerns to each particular region affected, increasing acceptance for management actions, and decreasing the likelihood of conflicts among interest groups. Results will help increase the likelihood that impacted people will better understand and adapt to the new conditions arising, and will aid the responsible agency in conducting effective communication programs to address critical concerns.

Research Interests

  • Human Dimensions of Wildlife
  • Conservation Biology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Human-Wildlife Interactions
  • Ecology