Brandon Tilley

Office: Marine Geomatics Research Lab, SN1027
Lab Telephone: (709)-864-3097
Email: btilley[at]mun[dot]ca

Dr. Rodolphe Devillers & Dr. Norm Catto

Previous Education
BSc. Earth science, Memorial University of Newfoundland 2017

Title of Project:
Mapping and Characterization of Priority Sites for Coastal Restoration in Newfoundland and Labrador

Research Project Description
The Government of Canada’s Coastal Restoration Fund (CRF) was created to protect and restore coastal habitats that have degraded over time or due to anthropogenic activities. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) of Canada has been awarded a portion of this fund and are eager to forge restoration success stories. Through my Master of Science research, I will create detailed maps and analyses of selected beaches on the island of Newfoundland to inform restoration activities to be undertaken by WWF and its partner organizations. My research will involve high-resolution mapping using the latest drone technology and an analysis of short-term changes in beach morphology and ecology. The objective of this research is to inform restoration efforts and to provide baseline data for restoration projects. This project will contribute to WWF’s goal of stabilizing populations of key marine species in Newfoundland.

Teaching Assistantship
• Teaching Assistant, Fall 2018 [Mun]. Geography 2195: Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences
• Teaching Assistant, Winter 2019 [Mun]. Geography 2195: Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences

Research Interests:
• Drone/UAV aerial mapping
• Coastal environments