Supporting the centre

Centre fundraiser to purchase playground equipmentParents Committee

Campus Childcare has an active Parents Committee which is chaired and run by parent volunteers. The purpose of this committee is to fundraise money to purchase equipment and supplies for the childcare programs. In the past, fundraising events included coffee and muffin day, family fun days. Meetings are usually held during the day, while children are in attendance at the Childcare Centre.


As we are a not-for-profit centre, our budget is stretched very tight. We rely heavily on donations from our families and the university community to supplement our programs. If you have any of the items below and wish to donate them to the centre, contact us at for details.

  • paper of any size or colour
  • gently used childrens toys
  • children's books for ages 2-12
  • musical equipment
  • outdoor/active toys

In addition to donations of equipment, we welcome parents into our programs to share their talents or experiences with the children. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please speak with the Program Administrator in your child's centre to arrange a suitable time.